Lawyers are generally known to be expensive – but how expensive?

The average cost for a lawyer is between $50-$500 an hour. This may seem extremely broad and nondescript, but it really varies from case to case, and from category to category. For example a lawyer working on speeding tickets may charge $75 an hour, while a lawyer defending you in a high profile murder case could easy run you $750+ per hour.

Overall, generally the more severe and complicated the case, the more it’s going to cost.

Some ways to cut down on costs are to be precise, punctual, and prepared when you speak with your lawyer. Eliminate wasted time and chatter and get straight to the case.

Another factor to take into consideration is the size and reputation of the law firm you’re hiring. Just as you pay a premium for expensive and iconic brands, you may also pay a premium for famous and notable law firms.

The last factor to address is your location. Most of the time if you live in a more rural area your attorney will be cheaper. For example a traffic attorney in rural Kansas may charge just $60 an hour, while a traffic attorney in New York City may charge $300 and hour for the same case.