Is your attorney right for you?

Many people wonder if their attorney is knowledgeable and experienced, yet many fail to realize that their lawyer may be downright dishonest.

There is some merit to lawyers being called “good liars” as there are many lawyers who look to take advantage of clients and milk them for higher profits. I’ve put together a short list of things to watch out for when hiring an attorney.

If you see any of the red flags I would fire your attorney and look for a more honest and reliable one.

  • Excessive cockiness and irritability
  • Unanswered emails, texts, or calls
  • Poor communication
  • No updates on your legal case
  • “Discounted” legal services
  • Disciplinary action by the state bar towards the firm

These are fairly obvious warning signs, but you would be surprised how many people remain ignorant and trust blindly in their attorney. Remember, attorneys are human beings, and while they may have an extensive knowledge of the law, that does not automatically make them an awesome or honest lawyer.

Keep your eyes open when first selecting a lawyer, and look for preliminary warning signs. Be sure to read every review you can before picking a law firm or attorney, as often times clients who have a bad experience will make it known online.